Hello everyone, my name is Adele and I would like to say a couple of words about my nudist family

trip to among the European resorts. Nothing elaborate, my family isn’t rich so we cannot afford going off to the nude beaches of Italy or France, but we discovered our cute getaway in Croatia and it has been keeping us content for the last ten years or so.
I ‘d been sincerely enjoying naked family pastimes with my old people for strong nine years, but when I’d turned 18 I thought hey, what the hang, shouldn?t I be spending my first adult (sort of) summer with a lot of friends dancing my butt off somewhere on Ibiza? This didn?t happen, as you can figure out, for some family issues intervened like they normally do. I was thus prepared to be bored stiff in the business of my folks. Well, this is actually the way it all happened, more or less, with only occasional exceptions. One of such short trips to the fun of the fare took place right on the nude beach that my parents and I understood just too well.
I could draw a map of the area with my eyes shut, possibly, so nothing could really thrill me. I wandered off some space from where my mom and dad were lodged, happy in their zone of comfort and ready to stay as motionless as they could. This kind of stagnation buggered the shit out of me, and I was all set to walk off as far as I could.
This I did, until I believe I reached the end of the nude beach which didn?t really matter as there was nothing but http://beach-photos.net . Obviously, I was not wearing just one article of clothing on me; I loved exposing my butt and tits to the subtle breeze along with the sunshine of the Adriatic. Occasionally when I was starting to break a sweat I’d dip into water and cool off. It felt fantastic feeling the water twirl around my nipples and making them difficult, and also the feeling wouldn?t wear off until several minutes after!
Smack behind http://nudismhot.com of them I stumbled across a few guys marginally older than me ? they were wearing their swimming trunks and basking in sunlight at some distance from each other, and by the looks of it they’d been midway through their sixpack of beer by the minute I saw them. The first thing that came to my mind was that I got myself in trouble quite bad and that I ought to walk away as quickly as I can; I brought a towel along so I flung that around myself to hide my nudity, I believe, before they discovered me.
The following thing I believed was less panicky and much more frivolous ?

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A few men in a secluded place by the seaside all by themselves? Homosexuals! But before I could either walk on or walk away back to where I came from, one of the men sat up and I recognized his face; he was our resort neighbor, I saw him during breakfasts fairly regularly. He screwed his eyes and hailed me; I had no other alternative but to at least nod. He said something to his buddy and jumped up on his feet. I couldn?t help respecting his physical form along with the swiftness and easiness of the catlike movement.
He came up and introduced himself and his buddy; his name was Paul and I can’t recollect what was the name of the other man; he sounded real nice and courteous. He asked me what I was doing there, and I told him some cock and bull story about my parents being stayed just a few meters away behind the bushes, just in case. All throughout our brief conversation I kept on thinking whether or not they’d time to see that I was naked underneath my towel; perhaps I seemed weird wearing it wrapped around me like that anyways, for the day was real hot for that sort of coverage. In any event, I felt his friend?s evasive looks on me and I detected the vivid interest on Paul?s side in me, if you get my drift. At that point I thought it was better that I went off and joined my parents; I said goodbye to the men, my hear thumping someplace in my throat with apprehensions that I couldn?t help regardless of the good manners both of them shown. But right when I was turning on my heels and gave my long wet hair that, you know, sexy twist, the fringe of my towel flapping and me providing the juiciest upskirt ever! I blushed, though I was a nudist all my life, it’s somehow different if you are at least partly dressed and then some quite intimate portion of your body shows by chance.
I’m pretty damn certain they both saw my derriere and my pussy alright this time, I heard them exclaiming in hushed voice when they thought I was out of the earshot. As I was approaching our seashore I felt more and more confident and in the end I felt fairly adventurous about it.
I then saw both guys at breakfast briefly and once ? on the beach, they clearly came to gawk but not really chill out, for they were still wearing boxers and went away pretty damn soon ? people on nude beaches don’t feel happy about intruders in fabrics. They gave me a nod of cheering but that was about it, perhaps that was because I was keeping to my old people? That?s one of my stories, but I?ve some more to share, so perhaps one day? Cheers everyone!

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  1. jeancl says:

    WOW, Not only will I dream about you tonight, I will probably sleep soundly on your pillows of love, and excuse if I caress, fondle, & drool on your lovely breasts 🙂

  2. happyguy481 says:

    Mikey my bitch, where were you. Yor probmised me a blow job, while I was looking at the ocean, and then I was going to push all eight inchs of my black dick yp your tight little ass, just like you like.

  3. katy47 says:

    We love your pictures..beautiful tits and nipples, gorgeous pussy..we would love to swap some pictures with you guys..email us..superb..A and J

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