I was newly married and living on the east coast not too far from the shores.

My wife (at the time), was a dark haired Italian who could lie out in sunlight and tan all day. I’m fair haired and nordic and will get a sunburn in the fog. Obviously, she enjoyed going to the shore, and I didn’t. I’d go to make her happy, but didn’t truly love it, but I did enjoy looking at the wonderful women. Nonetheless, enough was enough and even the bikini babes didn’t make it worth while. One day I was speaking to my downstairs neighbor and he told me of a popular nude beach only a 45 minute drive away. Hmmm. The sex at home was OK, but it might always be better. My fantasies were running wild, though I had a wife who was babealicious. We had different days away, so I made the decision to drive out to the nude beach on my first opportunity. Not needing to be found out, I slathered SPF 5000 all over my body before getting in the vehicle.
My neighbors directions were right on. I drove to the appropriate parking lot in the National Park and started walking in the direction of the alleged nude beach. In a few minutes I started to see a smattering of nude folks, and then promptly ended up in a veritable amusement park of nudity. Now all types of people will tell you how the nudity is no big deal and that they go to these shores for the “sense of liberty”. They may be telling the truth, but for me, its a resort area of eye candy.
For the very first time in my life I saw it all. Fat, slim, saggy, perky, shaved, bushy, cellulite, smooth, Brunettes, Blondes, Black women, Asians,cut, uncut, proud, and shy. I was in heaven and I had only been there for 10 minutes. I staked out my patch of sand and pretended to read a book. Luckily, I’d jerked off so much in anticipation of the visit that I did not get a hardon. Nonetheless, I saw at http://b-boyz.com that was proudly marching along the beach with a raging boner. The following day I went back. I had masturbation memories to last a life only from those two visits.
A few weeks later my wife suggested that we visit the shore. I described to her that because I burn so readily that it actually had to be worth my while to go out into the sun, but that I would be willing to attend a nude beach. This did not go over well, particularly when I mentioned that I had been to the nude beach 3 times in the past two weeks. She finally understood that I was serious, but she would just go to a nudist place where there was little, if no, chance that anyone that she knew would see her.
I did my research and located a spot called Goodland Country Club in western New Jersey. It was in the woods and had a large pool, sauna, cabins, snack bar, etc., and they permitted day visitors. We drove out there on our next common day off. Checking in was done by a clothed gentleman. When we got to the parking lot nevertheless, most folks were naked.

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I began to strip down as soon as I got out of the car. Joan was somewhat bashful, but as soon as I explained that she would attract more focus clothed than naked, she too stripped down. Joan had dark and curly long hair, a healthy body, small breasts with large nipples, and a neatly trimmed patch.
We rapidly located some free lounge chairs and staked out our small plot of grassy heaven. By this time I’d become rather adept at pretending I was reading, or asleep, as I loved the ever changing scene. Of course I needed to walk around alot, particularly whenever I wanted to have a look at a woman who demanded further discreet recognition. It was on this day that I determined that the usually “perfect” girls were actually boring, once you take their clothes off they all look the same. I began to understand that in my eyes the beauty was in the girl who had a slight sag here, or a tuck or wrinkle there .
Some of my fondest memories was seeing a middle aged woman read a Playgirl magazine as she instinctively swung open and closed her legs constantly. A young lady in the open shower was being soaped up by her partner who had a tremendous hardon that she feigned not to see. Another lady who had a cabin went up to speak with a hung black gentleman as soon as he arrived at the pool. They went and disppeared into her cabin within minutes of her presenting herself to him. A wonderful young woman was sitting with her legs crossed as she spoke with another lady. As I walked by them I could see her pussy lips clearly open and damp.
It was all way too much.
I went into the restroom and quickly jerked off. That settled me down until I saw the blond with the saggy tits and perfecly shaved pussy lips. She was sitting not to far from us and would unconsciously rub her arms across her nipples every couple of minutes (I later had a girlfriend who’d do the exact same thing when she was horny as hell [she was constantly horny]). I invited my wife for a walk in the woods. We’d not gone more than a hundred yards or so on the trail once I leaned her up against a tree and deeply kissed her.
Wow! She was steaming hot. I got an instant hardon and she was already so drenched that it slid in easily. I fucked her standing up, against a tree, in the center of a trail. Anyone could have walked up on us, and perhaps did. We were to busy to detect.
From then on we only went to this spot, occasionally four weekends in a month. We consistently let a cabin, and we constantly screwed at least three times a day. It’s provided years of wondeful memories.

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